4 in 1 MDRD Table

March 8, 2012 § Leave a comment

In Radiology it’s necessary to check for proper renal function before administering ionidated contrast to a patient. In order to do so one should use the glomerular filtration rate. This value is not easily measured, but luckily nephrologists already came up with a very reasonable approximation: The MDRD formula. In order to use this formula, all you need to know is the patients age [years], serum creatinine level [mg/dl] and – that may seem racist – whether the patient is of african origin (has dark/black skin) or not. The latter is important (say nephrologists) because african people tend to have higher serum creatinine levels.

Anyway… if you have these values you can use your own math skills, or use calculators like mdrd.com. Or you could use my table. There are plenty MDRD tables out there – most available as “gift” from pharma industry guys. The nice feature about my table is that you just need one table for all four combinations of sex and skin color. If you are interested in the math behind it, or in the spreadsheet original – just leave me a comment. Click the link to download the pdf: mdrd-table

MDRD table image


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