python-occ packages for Ubuntu

July 29, 2011 § Leave a comment

Because openscadpy is suffering from old libraries, used for rendering and visualization (opencsg and cgal), I decided to give openscadpy a complete rewrite. In Python. Using Opencascade. PythonOCC therefore, because it’s the official python-binding of OpenCascade.
Unfortunately there was no current pythonocc package available for Ubuntu.
It is now.


openscadpy released

July 29, 2011 § Leave a comment

OpenSCAD is a very powerful script based 3d modeling software. It’s used mainly for creating input for the various 3d printers out there. Some examples can be found at Thingyverse.
One of the strange things about it is its strange language. Recursion seems impossible, variables cannot change, but aren’t real consts either. Parts of the syntax is really cumbersome.
So I released openscadpy it’s python embedded in openscad. So Python is the official language of openscadpy, and so all Python extesions are availabe.
Furthermore, instead of
difference(){ sphere(5) cube(3) }
you can just write
sphere(5) – cube(3)

Besides, the syntax tries to stay as close to openscad, as possible.

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