27C3: Tim beim Lego-Robo-Sumo

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Tim kam mit zum 4. Tag des 27C3. Statt Elektrobasteleien oder Schlossöffnen hat sich Tim natürlich gleich auf die Lego-Ecke gestürzt und mal eben in Rekordzeit einen Mitstreiter fürs Lego-Robo-Sumo gebaut.

Das Resultat hieß Rumpsplumps, war flink wie ein Wiesel – leider nicht ganz so clever (was aber evtl. durchaus ein Vorteil war) – und hat sich ganz sehr gut geschlagen:

So landete Tim im vorderen Mittelfeld des Turniers. Für’s erste Mal und dafür, dass Tim wohl der jüngste Teilnehmer war, ein hervorragendes Ergebnis!

Zum Schluss gabs noch die “Alle gegen Alle”-Runde. Leider habe ich nur das Video vom ersten Versuch – die ging nach kurzer Zeit nix mehr. Aber beim zweiten Versuch räumte Rumpsplumps zusammen mit [Name vergessen] das Feld ab, sodaß Rumplplumps hier einen halben 1. Platz bekam!

Die Programme wurden, da nur Linux-Rechner vor Ort waren in C geschrieben und mit BrickOS hochgeladen. Angeblich gibts auch Python und andere Sprachports für BrickOS. Ich will mal nachsehen, ob sich das nicht evtl. mit Etoys o.ä. verheiraten läßt…


Max rocks

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Found a video of Max dancing to the tunes of OKA at Toronto Buskerfest 2010:

Berlin Wolfstrap printing!

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This was a very successful weekend 😉

Over the week I found some time to assemble the hot end.

First I wanted to put it together using some special Epoxy which is supposed to withstand up to 300 °C (TURBOKITT, BOLDT & CO OHG). But the I realized, that Kapton did the job quite well. I also attached cables (1 m – which turned out to be just long enough).

Next I assembled a temporary cold end. I turned out, that again, the connection of the threaded rod (bolt this time) and the stepper is quite difficult. This time even more, as there is perpedicular stress on the axis. My first attempt was to use the tube again (which proved to be quite ok in the Z-axis). I turned out to be close to absolutely non functioning in real prints. I had some serious alignement issues, which I tried to solve using the brass thingy again. It was still not perfectly aligned, resulting in and extrusion for about 180° and a stutter stepper for the remaing 180° (which this way required 80% of the time). I aggressively decreased the fill in distance in repstrapper to 1 mm and increased shell count to 2. For the final 1,5 parts I had to push the filament through the extruder manually. This was mainly because the creases in the bold got filled with PLA, so there was not enough drag anymore. Besides the extruder, the Wolfstrap did a very convincing job. I was also happy that PLA sticked very good to Kapton tape and I was also able to remove the printed parts quite well (ok, I destroyed the tape in one spot…) But look, what I got:
Yes! It’s a Wade’s Geared Extruder. The print quality is still very bad. But it feels solid and I’m quite positive it will be a way better extruder, than my currently dying temporary extruder. I hope to have it assembled before X-Mas. Then I just have to figure out, how to mount this beast to my Berlin Wolfstrap.

berlin wolfstrap progress

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So – the Berlin Wolfstrap is doing fine. I got my long awaited package from mendel-parts.com right before the weekend and have my Gen6 electronics now.3 Axes are working now:As you can see – I still have trouble with the connection of the stepper and the threadded rod for the Z axis. I think I’ll change the brass dowel with a rubber/plastic tube.
Next thing to build is the extruder.I’ll try to build something like this. And I hope it will work for a least a print of Wades Geared Extruder. Also I need to assemble the hot end – I’ll try and use High Temp Paint to fix the insulated nichrome wire and the glass bead sensor. Btw: I wad really surprised how tiny the glass bead is (not even 1 mm)…..I’m really curious to see whether or not it will work, or just broke during shipping.


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